God Chose You!


Ps 65:4 Blessed (happy, fortunate, to be envied) is the man whom You choose and cause to come near, that he may dwell in Your courts! We shall be satisfied with the goodness of Your house, Your holy temple.


When I was in elementary school we played kickball at recess. I can remember always being picked in the top 3-4. I knew that I was going to be chosen because of my talent. Talent will take you a long way in the world. Whenever you are good at something a job, school, friends and colleagues you will be chosen. You are a valuable asset because of your gifting.


This is not so with God. In God’s eyes due to sin we were worthless. The fact that we are born sinners puts us in condemnation. On our own, we do not have a chance. We can’t be good enough. Our talents will not please God (Hebrews 11:6). We are at a complete disadvantage at our first breath.


God gave us a loop-hole. He gave us Jesus. Faith in Jesus enables us to approach a perfect and sinless God. Yet all of mankind will not come to Christ. But God chose us in Christ from the foundation of the world (Eph 1:4). 

When I first went to church I thought that I chose to be saved. One night in my studies, I came across John 15:16 and my entire perspective changed. I realized that I didn’t make a decision for Jesus but that I was chosen. In God’s foreknowledge, He knows who will receive Him and who will reject Him. The faith that you have in Christ was given to you. All you have to do is respond with your heart. God chose YOU!!!!

Pastor Jamol Cooper

New Life World Ministries





Have you ever said that you were done with a thing only to find yourself doing it or entertaining it again? You can be separated from something for years only to find yourself indulging in the activity once again.  Actions will be repeated over and over again regardless how much you try to restrain or how much time passes. If you never change the way you think the actions will never change. Your body will always follow the mind. When your mind changes your life will change.


Mind renewal is key to true transformation. The Bible tells us: as a man thinks in his heart so is he (Proverbs 23:7).  The mind is apart of your soul. The power that lies within us is fuel for our living. Our life experiences are what shape our minds. This is why the word of God is vital to our living. The Bible filters our life experiences and teaches us to look at life from God’s perspective. 


No matter what the issue of life is it will be on repeat until you change the way you think. Bad relationships will continue even if they are with different people. Diets will fail. Attitudes will remain the same. Proclivities will haunt us. But when the mind is renewed our lives will  transform.


Pastor Jamol Cooper

New Life World Ministries


The Importance Of Fellowship

When we work all week we know that on pay day there is a reward attached to our work. We already understand that my check is on the way.As believers we must understand that faith brings the reward. Just like when we labor on our jobs for the paycheck at the end of the week; God says: those who diligent seek me, I reward.

We go to God because we understand that He is the rewarder. We ask or petition God for answers and substance but many of us faint in the process. We see others prayers being answered but cant seem to understand why our prayers are not being answered.We run to the Bible for answers. We know the Word to be true but the magic just doesn’t happen.

The problem lies in the difference between head knowledge and actual Bible faith.
God said 1st: those who come must believe that He is. 2nd: He is a rewarder. 3rd: we must diligently seek Him.

This tells me that no matter what it looks like I must hold out on my way of doing things and consistently walk after God. I must sit on a thing like an overdue chicken being hatched from egg. I need to see something birthed in my life. I need to see God’s hand. But in order to see God’s hand I must believe in God’s way.

This is where a lot of us faint, in the well doing. There is no time to quit but especially after you have spent some time doing it God’s way. The enemy wants to wear you down. He will put any and every thing in front of you to make you quit.

I have found out it is at the time when quitting seems the best and easiest way to deal with something is when I am the closest to my answer. The enemy is trying to stall the answer. When Daniel prayed it took 21 days to even get an inclination that God heard him. God told Daniel be not afraid I heard you when you prayed but the Prince of Persia resisted him for 21 days. Satan will do anything to get you to lose focus.

This is what you have to do. Do not ever give up. Be steadfast. Be diligent. Have some reckless abandonment when it comes to your faith. For the believer there is no other way to live. The Bible is clear: the just shall live by faith. So don’t give it up by what you see. Your life depends on it!

Live Life On Purpose!

Pastor Jamol Cooper
New Life World Ministries